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доставка груза по украине, грузоперевозки по украине 20 тонн, перевозка грузов украина

Constant professionalism and efficiency of cargo delivery in Ukraine  -  are a promising way to order cargo transportation in the territory   of Ukraine.

If you need to organize any cargo transportation in Ukraine, we offer you to use the services of our specialized company.   Our company is engaged in both international freight transportation and cargo delivery on the territory of Ukraine.

It is no secret that road freight transportation  in Ukraine is in stable demand, as it is the most profitable and fastest way to transport various types of products. Moreover, without the possibility of using road transport,   full-fledged logistics planning is impossible.

LTEK-TRANS specializes in trucking in the regions of Ukraine of various cargoes up to 20 tons, using the latest technologies, and developing each route individually. We have professional vehicles  with a body capacity  in the range of 2-120 cubic meters and a capacity of up to twenty tons. Moreover, we use specialized machines with platforms for oversized transportation in Ukraine, carefully transporting any cargo. It is also possible to use special isotherms and refrigeration units to guarantee compliance with certain temperature conditions during the transportation of valuable cargo in the regions of Ukraine.

Our company cooperates only with reliable partners working in the field of cargo transportation, so customers do not have to doubt the timeliness and professionalism of cargo transportation of any volume and size. Also, we try to ensure that the price of our services remains affordable for all customers, and the level of service is not inferior to the quality of work of foreign companies.

Among the main achievements of our company - highly qualified staff, prompt delivery of goods in Ukraine, personal attention to each client and constant updating of the vehicle fleet.

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