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Cargo insurance

What is the liability insurance of the freight forwarder?

The insurance covers the risks associated with the occurrence of:

  Liability for goods accepted for carriage or forwarding and carried on any waybills by the provisions of the law,
  Liability for financial losses related to the consequences of errors and omissions of employees of the transport operator,
  Liability for losses due to violation of customs legislation,
  Liability to third parties for damage caused by the cargo to the property of individuals or legal entities, life, the health of individuals;
  Liability of sub-contracts involved,
  Responsibility for loading and unloading operations,
  Unforeseen expenses for investigating the circumstances of an insured event, preventing or reducing the amount of damage,
  And much more.

What is cargo insurance against all risks through our company?

Our partner in this direction is the insurance company "ASKA" Ukrainian Agrarian Insurance Company. It is one of the leaders in cargo insurance.

We have signed a General agreement with this company, due to which we can offer reasonably low rates for cargo insurance. Our conditions include insurance against all risks, which is the most profitable and reliable for our clients.

The offered insurance conditions guarantee that your goods will be insured at all stages of cargo transportation: loading on the vehicle, reloading/storage in transit warehouse, delivery of cargo to the customer. In transit, the cargo insures against the value specified by the supplier according to the consignment note. The cost of insurance varies depending on the type of transport, the cost of cargo, route, and several other factors.

Our company will insure your cargo in a reliable insurance company with which we have long-term cooperation at your request. Usually, as the owner of the goods, you can independently insure your cargo (it is the cargo, while the carrier insures its liability). However, don't forget that the insurance company will only discuss the value indicated in the accompanying documents with you. Anything above that will be treated as a financial risk and insured at other higher rates.

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