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перевозки негабаритных грузов, перевозка негабаритных грузов

A comprehensive service of oversized cargo transport means the preparation of documentation and route for oversized cargo transport.

As practice shows, a large number of goods intended for transportation belong to the category of oversized, so require special conditions of carriage, such as the use of specialized transport. Most often, the transportation of oversized cargo involves the transportation of goods that have non-standard dimensions or shapes - it can belong to building materials, prefabricated engineering structures, all kinds of crane equipment, earthmoving equipment, etc.

The main difficulty in the process of organizing such transportation is that oversized cargo requires time-consuming fixation, which is especially important when transporting non-collapsible cargo. Special vehicles reconcile to deliver oversized loads without damage. They are equipped with a low frame and wide trailers for superficial loads. An essential aspect of successful transportation is the pre-planning of the route, taking into account possible hazards such as poor-quality road surfaces or obstacles in the form of too low-installed power lines.

However, the transportation of oversized cargo will be without any difficulties, if our company is involved, because our experienced drivers and freight forwarders have all the necessary knowledge and will have time to find the best way out of any situation. With the help of LTEK-TRANS, you can forget about the many problems of transporting oversized loads, because we will take care of all the nuances, including taking on the necessary customs documents.

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