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ADR cargo transportation

LTEK-TRANS transport company organizes the transportation of ADR cargo.

Road transport of dangerous goods is performed by following all conditions of carriage of dangerous goods by road transport «ADR» of the European Union and, accordingly,  the temporary rules «"on the carriage of dangerous goods by road" » from the Ministry of Information.

Modern cargoes are classified according to the ADR classification:
1st class - explosives and materials;
2nd class - dissolved under pressure, liquefied, compressed gases;  

3rd class - flammable liquid;  

4.1th class - easily flammable solid materials;  

4.2 class - self-igniting materials;  

4.3 class - materials that emit flammable gases in contact with water;   

5.1th class - materials that are oxidized;  

5.2 - natural peroxides;  

6.1 class - poisonous materials;  

6.2th class - contaminated substances and by-products of processed animals;  

7th grade - radioactive substances;  

8th grade - corrosive materials;  

9th grade - other dangerous materials.

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