The advantages of cooperation with specialists in transportation are the excellent quality and affordable cost of forwarding services.

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The advantages of cooperation with specialists in transportation are the excellent quality and affordable cost of forwarding services

The steadily growing interest in all kinds of transport services is due to the rapid development of trade at the international level, which ensures the organization of operational transport services throughout the world. As practice shows, the demand for cargo transportation services is observed not only among large companies engaged in the production of certain products but also among individuals. The fact is that currently, the cost of freight transport is very moderate, which makes them very attractive to various categories of customers. From an economic point of view, it is much more profitable to give preference to road freight transportation, since their price is much lower than air transportation services, and the delivery speed is much cheaper than using rail transport. Naturally, to be sure of the quality of cargo delivery, you need to cooperate exclusively with professionals in the field of cargo transportation and forwarding services.

Using the services of LTEK-TRANS company, you can expect an individual approach and the development of an optimal route for road freight transport, considering personal requests and the urgency of delivery. We undertake not only the process of cargo transportation, but also all the organizational aspects related to the preparation of the necessary documents. We take a very responsible approach to the issue of cargo safety, so we guarantee the accuracy and care of transportation.

Focusing on the specifics of a particular cargo (dimensions, value, safety level, etc.) and delivery range, we try to create optimal conditions for each customer, so customers are fully satisfied with the efficiency of cargo transportation. As for the cost of delivery, we adhere to democratic pricing policy, so your transportation costs in Ukraine or through the territory of other countries will be optimal.

Our forwarding services, which involve tracking cargo (including valuable) along the route, are also very relevant- in this case, the financial responsibility lies entirely with LLC "LTEK-TRANS" since the freight forwarder's liability is insured. We are regularly expanding our range of services and optimizing the process of cargo, so you can easily entrust us with the transportation of any goods.

Fast transport order


  • Personalized approach to each client;
  • Optimal delivery terms and conditions;
  • All kinds of vehicles with a load capacity from 0.5t to 20t with a volume from 8 to 130m3, as well as trawls for transporting oversized cargo, agricultural and other equipment, dump trucks, grain carriers, refrigerators and isotherms, and others;
  • Delivery as part of combined cargo;
  • Organization of transportation of dangerous goods (ADR);
  • Safety: the liability of LTEK-TRANS LLC is insured;
  • Rapid response to changes in the cargo transportation market;


  • Loans and discounts;
  • Free consultations on customs procedures, transportation of certain groups of goods, the transit of goods through third countries, route optimization, and pricing policy in the transport market.